Friday, 19 August 2011

Handover booked!

Hey guys

I have been quite busy recently juggling between work and building so haven't got a chance to update as much as I would like.  First of all, handover is booked for 26th of Aug!!!! We went through practical completion walkthrough last Friday and pick out a few other things that might need attension. 

Metricon has actually stuff up our order for the front door handle so instead of square, it was round.  Luckily, our SS said that he was planing to get a new front door due to cracks on the timber so he will just order a new handle to go with it.  I was originally quite worried coz the mount on the round handle was different to the square one we order so Metricon would not have been able to fit the proper handle if they did not replace door.  There were also quite a few other internal Corinthian doors that need replacing due to dents and cracks plus some paint repair, plastering work and faulty light switch.  We ended up with a list of 10-15 minor fixes after the walkthrough which our SS will endervor to fix before next Friday.

Another major problem was the shower screen in the main ensuite.  We originally wanted a single piece of full height glass instead of the frame-less shower screen as some of u might have seen on the display.  No one ever told us that there would be a problem with the glass cutting into the cornices where the wall and ceiling meet so it really look untidy when we saw the full height glass cutting into the cornices.  After going back to through the paperwork, our contract actually state that the glass is to be 2300 height so Metricon was happy to replace the glass to a lower height of 2300 which then will not cut into cornices. 


 Ensuite 1

Kitchen and Dining

 This is all the picture that I have on my phone.  Will take more and better photo on Friday!