Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Roof Tile Done!!!

Check the site yesterday morning before work and found no one at site.  Drove over to site again after work expecting that nothing have been done BUT... to my surprise, roof tiles have all gone up in 1 day.  What the.... :D

Might see brick work soon.  

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Frame done and gutter and facia finished

Went to check site on Friday to find the gutter facia is finished.  They have been very productive this week and finished putting up all the timber frame. 

Roof tiles have already been delivered and will go on next week.  I guess probably brick will go on the week after.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Roof frame almost done

Hey guys, haven posted the last few day because I have been finished work after dark I couldn't take much photos.  The trades have been working hard on the roof frames the last few days.  The didn't work on Monday but they got stuck into framing on Tuesday and again yesterday.  Yesterday I tried to get on site to take some photo and was very surprised that the boys were still working on the frame at 6pm.  It was pretty much dark and they were still going so big thumb up to them for their hard work.  I check the site today to see that they are back on deck tiding off the frame work this morning.  I think they r trying to finalize the frame soon so that we can move on to the next stage.

This was the only photo i took yesterday.  I didn't want to let them know I was there.  As u can see, the roof frame are pretty much finish and balcony is also up.  There isn't much timber on the ground so i think they must be close to finishing the timber side of things.  I think I saw some roof gutters on the floor so might even see some gutter soon.

Will post some more photo later if I can get on site this afternoon!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Last lot of Frames!

Went to site on Friday before work and found no one onsite.  Check again last afternoon to find more frame has been delivered however no work has been done as schedual by SS.

I think this last deliver should be the last lot of frames to arrive.  We should have all the frame on site now and all we need is for the framers to come back to put it up.  Hope wether holds off for next week coz it has been raining all weekend.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

1st floor frame finished

Went to check the site yesterday before work and found no one at site.  Double checked again yesterday afterwork to find that worker has come in and tidy up the frame work.  Not much difference is noted but i think they have done a few hours of work during the day adding a few more support.  No frame has been delivered yet so hope to see roof frame delivered today for work to commence tomorrow.  We will see later on tonight.

Oh, i notice that even some of the nails that Metricon uses has their logo on.  LOL

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1st floor frame up

It has been quite a busy day yesterday.  I went to check the site at 7am before work yesterday to find that the 1st floor frame has been just delivered.  Road was almost blocked off again...

I drove pasy last nite to check the progress of the frames on 1st floor and was very suprised that the floor joist, floor board and 1st floor frame has been almost completed.  Our neighbour Paul said that the workers only left at around 4:30pm so they have been working all day yesterday to finish off the frames.

Tried to get upstairs to see the view on 1st floor but the access was locked at the stairs.  Well have to wait and see next time with a proper visit with SS.  Drove pass this morning to find no one on site.  I'm guessing that the workers are waiting for roof frames to arrive before they can come back to finish off the frame so hopefully the roof frames will be delivered sometime today for work to commence again tomorrow.

Monday, 14 March 2011

More frames delivered

Drove by on Sunday afternoon to find that more frames has been delivered.  Looks like these frames must have been delivered Saturday.  So as expected, I found the works back on deck this morning when I drove past before work.  Might see the floor cavity finish today...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Courier Mail Home Show

We went to the home show this week and found many interesting ideas and product for the house.  I was particularly interested get ideas for screening and wardrobe option.

We found a very good screening option for our house in the outdoor room.  Originally, we were going to add a retractable DUCE fly-screen together with the bi-fold but Metricon wanted $7200 just to do the flyscreen.  We thought that it was too much of a stretch especially, when I found out the some company can do re-tractable fly-screen for less than $4000.  The only catch is the fly-screen will be added on top the existing timber bi-fold door frame therefore colour will look different for a start and the frame will stick out more.  So we were a bit hesitant going down that path.  Lucky we found a few alternatives for screening the bi-fold.  One option was adding roller screens to the exterior outdoor room instead of screening the bi-folds.  The other option was to just do a crime safe security screen in the exterior of the outdoor room.  We found that crime-safe was a better option as it adds security to the house.  That way we don’t need to bother screening bi-folds and plus it will open up the downstairs space as it will kinda make the outdoor room in door, not to mention the convenience of being able to leave bi-fold open all the time to give better light and air circulation.  But... it will cost around $10,000 just to crime safe the exterior of the outdoor room.  $1000 per panel and we need around 10 panels... OMG!!!

With regards to wardrobe, there were a few companies at the show that looks decent and price isn’t so bad either.  The only thing is, they want to start with an empty robe.  Metricon usually put a shelf and a hanging bar in their wardrobes therefore it will need to be removed.  I will need to enquire again with Metricon regarding deletion.  Our SS has mentioned the deletion will cost administration charge.  I was a bit doubtful about signing off on that when SS went through the check list during our first meeting.  Why can't Metricon just delete item without charge like most builder.  The annoying thing is that the shelf it self cost less than price of admin charge.  I wonder if I can just get them to leave the shelve in the garage and not install them...  Any suggestions anyone?

Ground floor frame is almost up

As mention before from our SS, the frame will go up yesterday.  Drove over to site before start of work to see workers marking out the site.  I checked again after work yesterday and found most of the frame delivered on Wednesday was already up.

SS also called me up yesterday for a weekly update.  He said the boyz will be working on the frames today again till next week.  SS explained that becasue the house was quite big, it will take much longer.  Plus due to limited space on site, the frame need to be delivered on separate deliveries as we simply dont have room to deliver them all at once.  So im guess that they will be delivery more frames early next week for the rest of the house before the boyz can start on 1st floor.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Frames Delivered

Just an update! Monday, nothing happened.  Tuesday, soil at front of site removed.  today, frames delivered so hopefully, we will see frames go up tomorrow.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Slab Pour

Slab went in yesterday before the overnight rain set in.  Looks great!!!  Got a update call from SS yesterday advising next week schedule.  Frame is set to start mid next week.  In the meantime, approximately 2 truck load of soil needs to be removed from front of site before next week. 

Nothing was done today coz rain has set in.  Hope it clears off for our little ones party tomorrow...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slab Prep Finish

Got a call yesterday afternoon from Inpector to say all good from Metricon for Slab Prep.  Bill said that all of the previous Metricon houses that he has looked at before are all very good so he was again quite happy with work done.  Got a follow up call from SS asking me regarding how inspector went too so again very on the ball from Grey. 

Foam and steel work all layed out for slab to go in!

Slab is to go in today.  Got a shot of the site before work today and also found Greg overlooking slab work. They nearly blooked off the whole street.

Will post pic of slab later today.  It good living so close to site... :D

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Slab Prep

Went to site again yesterday afterwork to find more progress.  Foam and Steel frame has been delivery for the slab.  The premiter for the slab has also gone up plus meter box.  The are set to finish the work today for slab to go in tomorrow if weather hold off. 

I was a bit concern if work will commence today as we had a crazy storm that went through 3AM this morning.  Greg said the boyz are back today to finish laying foam and steel for slab today so its all good!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Drive to site quickly before work yesterday to see some action again.  Went back yesterday afternoon to see the footing has gone in and slab marked out.  SS said that pre-slab prep will be finish tomorrow at 1pm and slab will go in the following day so we will have slab before week end!  Using the marking on the ground as a foot print of where everything will go, it kinda hit me that we are building a very large house on this land.  The house seem bigger than I expected on our block.  Anyway... we wanted a large house with a small yard so looks like this is what we got :D

 Sry about image, my iphone was struggling with low light since it was almost dark...
I was originally planning to get ABIS to inspect the site before slab is poured but they told me that they are fully booked out for Wednesday to do inspection.  I then try to hunt around for another inspection company and found Building Inspection Service QLD (BISQ) who were able to get someone in tomorrow at 1pm.  The lady I spoke to at BISQ told me that they have done quite a few metricon homes and have so far have no problem with Metricon.  Fingers cross all goes well.