Friday, 11 March 2011

Courier Mail Home Show

We went to the home show this week and found many interesting ideas and product for the house.  I was particularly interested get ideas for screening and wardrobe option.

We found a very good screening option for our house in the outdoor room.  Originally, we were going to add a retractable DUCE fly-screen together with the bi-fold but Metricon wanted $7200 just to do the flyscreen.  We thought that it was too much of a stretch especially, when I found out the some company can do re-tractable fly-screen for less than $4000.  The only catch is the fly-screen will be added on top the existing timber bi-fold door frame therefore colour will look different for a start and the frame will stick out more.  So we were a bit hesitant going down that path.  Lucky we found a few alternatives for screening the bi-fold.  One option was adding roller screens to the exterior outdoor room instead of screening the bi-folds.  The other option was to just do a crime safe security screen in the exterior of the outdoor room.  We found that crime-safe was a better option as it adds security to the house.  That way we don’t need to bother screening bi-folds and plus it will open up the downstairs space as it will kinda make the outdoor room in door, not to mention the convenience of being able to leave bi-fold open all the time to give better light and air circulation.  But... it will cost around $10,000 just to crime safe the exterior of the outdoor room.  $1000 per panel and we need around 10 panels... OMG!!!

With regards to wardrobe, there were a few companies at the show that looks decent and price isn’t so bad either.  The only thing is, they want to start with an empty robe.  Metricon usually put a shelf and a hanging bar in their wardrobes therefore it will need to be removed.  I will need to enquire again with Metricon regarding deletion.  Our SS has mentioned the deletion will cost administration charge.  I was a bit doubtful about signing off on that when SS went through the check list during our first meeting.  Why can't Metricon just delete item without charge like most builder.  The annoying thing is that the shelf it self cost less than price of admin charge.  I wonder if I can just get them to leave the shelve in the garage and not install them...  Any suggestions anyone?


  1. With enclosing the outdoor area, there is an alternative than going with crimsafe. I had my outdoor area semi enclosed because of main road acoustic requirements. It's a glassed up wall which cost close to $1400 per meter @ 2.4m high with aluminium framing. You can also do screen also, which is way cheaper. I actually going to look at enclosing my entire outdoor area, to keep the bugs away, but still waiting on the final price. I don't know how that compares with the crimsafe option. When you handover Metricon will give you a contact for A&L windows to install flyscreen or security screens. I used them for security screens, they are a stainless steel mesh comparabe to crimsafe only a fraction of the costs. They will explain to you why crimsafe is overated and overpriced. I would ask them for what you are trying to do. If you want their contact details, they are called. SecureFit 3287 1181.

  2. Cheers Jay

    Thx for advise. I'll give them a call. BTW, were u told that there will be adminstration charge even for deletion of items? SS told me that Metricon will slap u adminstration charge first regardless if u want to go ahead with any modification/deletions.