Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Slab Prep

Went to site again yesterday afterwork to find more progress.  Foam and Steel frame has been delivery for the slab.  The premiter for the slab has also gone up plus meter box.  The are set to finish the work today for slab to go in tomorrow if weather hold off. 

I was a bit concern if work will commence today as we had a crazy storm that went through 3AM this morning.  Greg said the boyz are back today to finish laying foam and steel for slab today so its all good!!!


  1. Bringing back so many fond memories of my baby (house)

  2. hard to make a comment

  3. haha...finally ok~~ paying elec bills already hey....looks like energex dont stuff around

  4. Hey ocean

    I'm not actually paying electricity yet.... we at least I dont think I'm. I think they just pre-wire it so that we they need it, power can be connect straight away to use.