Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1st floor frame up

It has been quite a busy day yesterday.  I went to check the site at 7am before work yesterday to find that the 1st floor frame has been just delivered.  Road was almost blocked off again...

I drove pasy last nite to check the progress of the frames on 1st floor and was very suprised that the floor joist, floor board and 1st floor frame has been almost completed.  Our neighbour Paul said that the workers only left at around 4:30pm so they have been working all day yesterday to finish off the frames.

Tried to get upstairs to see the view on 1st floor but the access was locked at the stairs.  Well have to wait and see next time with a proper visit with SS.  Drove pass this morning to find no one on site.  I'm guessing that the workers are waiting for roof frames to arrive before they can come back to finish off the frame so hopefully the roof frames will be delivered sometime today for work to commence again tomorrow.

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