Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Drive to site quickly before work yesterday to see some action again.  Went back yesterday afternoon to see the footing has gone in and slab marked out.  SS said that pre-slab prep will be finish tomorrow at 1pm and slab will go in the following day so we will have slab before week end!  Using the marking on the ground as a foot print of where everything will go, it kinda hit me that we are building a very large house on this land.  The house seem bigger than I expected on our block.  Anyway... we wanted a large house with a small yard so looks like this is what we got :D

 Sry about image, my iphone was struggling with low light since it was almost dark...
I was originally planning to get ABIS to inspect the site before slab is poured but they told me that they are fully booked out for Wednesday to do inspection.  I then try to hunt around for another inspection company and found Building Inspection Service QLD (BISQ) who were able to get someone in tomorrow at 1pm.  The lady I spoke to at BISQ told me that they have done quite a few metricon homes and have so far have no problem with Metricon.  Fingers cross all goes well.


  1. At least you have a fairly flat block. We had to do some major retaining wall and site works before starting. Just something you learn when you build. Definitely know what to look out for next time. The Whittaker must be a new design.

  2. Our SS said that we will be first Whittaker in QLD. LOL....I wonder if that is a good thing or not.