Friday, 25 February 2011

Site prep

I have a very nice chat with our SS yesterday.  He has been in the building industry for over 20 years and builts most of the2 storey houses in Brissy for Metricon.  He seem like a very switch on and organised so Im very confident that he will meet and exceed our expectation!

He has informed me that the site will be cut today so I went over quickly this morning before work and found work has already commenced.  He hope to see the slab in by end of next week!!!

Sry, not the best picture with morning sun in the background... Will take another shot after work.


  1. My friend in Mt Gravatt had Greg Heaton as their SS. They were a fussy couple and ended up with about 3 SS's throughout the whole build. I can't remember if he was the first or last SS.

  2. Really?! 3 SS.... I hope Greg was the last. I know he said he has picked up a lot work from other failed SS.

    I hope I dont have to go down that path of going through 3 SS. I'm very happy with out SS so far. Keep good contact and calls me back straight away.