Tuesday, 22 February 2011

We will be finally starting on 25th Feb 2010

Hi there

This will be my first post for our Whittaker 50 that we are buliding in Murarrie.  I got a call from our SS Greg last week confirming a meeting this thursday 24th Feb before Metricon start on Fri 25th Feb.  So it looks like all system go from now on :D

First sign of some action.  We have a Metricon SIGN.  YEAH!!!


  1. Hi Sam, congratulations on the build. If you have any questions about the build I am more that happy to answer any concerns you may or may not get from you SS or CSC. I am overall happy with the service offered by Metricon. If I were to build again, they would still be my first option when building, that's for sure.

    Wow, you're in Murrarie. I didn't know there was any land left over there. I build in Wishart, which isn't too far from you. Robert Richmond is another Brisbane-ite who just built with Metricon in Redland Bay. I'm following his blog too.

  2. Thx Jay. I have been following Robert's, Cassandra, Nick and your blog for awhile now since we all in SE QLD. Must say u guys are doing a great job. I have learnt a lot from all your experiences.