Thursday, 24 March 2011

Roof frame almost done

Hey guys, haven posted the last few day because I have been finished work after dark I couldn't take much photos.  The trades have been working hard on the roof frames the last few days.  The didn't work on Monday but they got stuck into framing on Tuesday and again yesterday.  Yesterday I tried to get on site to take some photo and was very surprised that the boys were still working on the frame at 6pm.  It was pretty much dark and they were still going so big thumb up to them for their hard work.  I check the site today to see that they are back on deck tiding off the frame work this morning.  I think they r trying to finalize the frame soon so that we can move on to the next stage.

This was the only photo i took yesterday.  I didn't want to let them know I was there.  As u can see, the roof frame are pretty much finish and balcony is also up.  There isn't much timber on the ground so i think they must be close to finishing the timber side of things.  I think I saw some roof gutters on the floor so might even see some gutter soon.

Will post some more photo later if I can get on site this afternoon!


  1. Things are going to start getting ugly. Not in a bad way. Ugly as in scaffolding and fall ptotection gear around the house. But I'm sure it's all going come good once it's all taken down.

    Are you going for a rendered look or just bricks? What colours have you chosen.

  2. Hey jay

    Im going for render look. Will be doing it after settlement as Metricon is charging too much for it. Not sure what colour I have chosen in colour but i think it will be a bit of a cream colour.

    U rending urs?