Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bi-Fold height

Unfortunately despite the great progress made recently by Metricon, we have notice some mistakes too.  First was the bi-fold.  Both Vicky and I remember been told that the height of the bi-fold give was the same height as the displayed during our colour selection.  As it turned out, it wasn't the right height and was in fact lower which made the entrance to the outdoor room looked small especially when we have 2.7m height ground floor ceiling height inside.  I have made an enquiry to our acting SS and was told that if we wanted to change to the higher 2.4m height, we will need to put everything on hold.  There will be an admin charge, structural charge and re-drafting charge which will cost a few thousand not to mention the cost to remove the bi-fold and order new one in, and then re-install it back on.  New bi-fold will be more expensive compare to the one installed because it is higher and we might need to also add a steel beam on top of the bi-fold for extra support.  Our new acting SS recon if we are lucky, we might be delayed for a month if everything went through smoothly but there is a good chance that it could take more than 1 month.  He will be making an enquiry to the executive building manager today for us to see what option we got.  Personally, I prefer the doors to be changed to the right height but the cost and time added to make the change seem just too much....   : (   OH Great!!!  


  1. If they correct to the plans they sent you, then I guess you will be up for the delays and extra charges. But if they were drawn on the plans and they have supplied you the incorrect one, then they don't have a leg to stand on. It pays to check everything on the plans & contract before you sign. I don't envy your position, I was held up with huge delays relating to different issues, but I guess it gave me time to consider the decisions I made.

  2. SS said I will be up for another set of bifold at a higher hight ($6000-7000) plus structual change fee ($1000). Approimate delay will be 6-8 weeks. I think we will give it a miss for sure.

    We have checked the plan over and over again before signing but i guess we miss this one. At least the mistake isn't that bad.

  3. woops....lesson learned!
    Hope the rest are all good!! The delay and the money involved....damn~~ Good Luck