Thursday, 7 April 2011

A&L Windows delivered!

Went to check over site again last nite to find that A&L Windows have been delivered.

I think we are just waiting for the DUCE Bi-Fold to arrive.  Trades were back on deck this morning so I will post more photo of the windows fitted soon.


  1. We don't have our doors yet! You are so lucky!!!

  2. It seems that everyone's built schedule is different after frame is done. I guess it depends on who the SS can get his hand on first.

    I have seen a lot of ppl get their brick work done before roof goes on so I was a bit suprised that our roof tile went on first.

  3. Yeah our roof tiles went on after our brickwork.

    Guess every build is different! Good luck with the rest of it though :)Its looking good Sam!