Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Insulation in and 1st floor wrap

Went to site this morning and found insulation went in yesterday and 1st floor wrapped.  We went for R1.5 acoustic insulation for our house as the insulation companies that I spoken to recons that there really isn't that much gain from R1.5 to R2.5 so it was more cost effective with R1.5.  But after seeing the R1.5 insulation in person, it seem quite thin...  Maybe should have gone with R2.5.


  1. So why did you go with acoustic insulation, as opposed to thermal?

  2. Our estate is near airport so I went with Acoustic. It is as part of the covenant requirements that we need to meet certain db levels so fingers cross that we within satisfaction level. Apparently thermal and acoustics insulation are very similar anyway so it will also insulate heat.

    Did u insulate ur walls too Jay?

  3. We did acoustic batts too! We're building Lindrum and had builder put R2 acoustic batts in ceiling above family, dining and media and some bedroom walls upstairs to stop sound travelling. After living in Perth where internal walls are brick, we found brick veneer too noisy! (Moved to Melb two years ago) Anyway, we couldn't afford builder to put sound batts in every internal wall and all ground floor ceilings, so we ended up buying Tontine sound batts and put these in ourselves in the remaining internal walls. We were doing that last weekend just before plaster was to start and the insulation guys were finishing up and they had 12 bags left over of the bradford sound batts. They said I could have it, so of course I said 'Yes' and ended up putting this in the remaining ceiling areas to the ground floor! So now all the ground floor ceilings and all internal walls have sound batts! Waiting for all the internal plaster to go up to see how much of a difference it makes but so far seems good. Should help with keeping individual rooms warmer/cooler too as well as sound transfer between rooms.

  4. We love the Lindrum design but there was no way it would fit in our block. Great choice!

    I was so tempted to get more insulation myself and put it in. We too did not want to spend too much insulating the whole house so only ask Metricon to do the external walls and internal bedroom cavity. It cost so much cheaper getting it urself from bunnings and just tucking them in before plastering. Metricon was quite up tight about us putting it in ourselve so I didnt end up doing other non-bedroom cavity to the house. Good to see u manage to do a few yourself from leftovers.

    Have u started a blog too? Please post link if u have. Love to see how u are progressing.

    Good to see u have done

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