Saturday, 14 May 2011

Progress so far this month

Hey guys

Just to update the recent work done.  So far the scaffolding, gyprock, 1st floor brick has been deliver.  The roof beam on the garage has been also installed.  Ground floor brick has been finished.  We have also ask the plumber to connect a town water tap for the laundry as we might not want to use rain water to wash the cloth for our infant.  We have found out we have different option of setting up the hot water control switch located at the kitchen.  Apparently there are 2 ways of setting up the hot water system.  Option 1, we can have the switch controlling the whole hot water temperature of the whole house where allow adjustment to the maximum of 50oC.  Option 2, we have the switch controlling the kitchen tap only where we can adjust the kitchen tap to a maximum of 60oC and the rest of the house will run at the pre-set temperature of 50oC.  Option 2 involves getting a different hot water system that can go up to 60oC instead of standard 50oC hot water system. We went with option 2 coz we thought might come in more handy with hotter water at the kitchen sink plus we probably wont see ourselves adjusting lower than 50oC since my wife loves hot showers. 

Yesterday I drove by to find the scaffolding already installed for next week.  Next week will be a busy week.  Insulation need to go in the exterior walls and the internal bedroom walls.  Gyprock is going be installed on Tuesday.  In the same time the exterior 1st floor wall will be wrap and brick work hopefully will be finish for the whole house too.  Our SS is starting to get a bit panicking since everything has taken bit longer than expected due to the size of our house.  But he was quite happy telling that he has figure out a whole building plan for our house from next week onward which should see our house built in time.  Figures cross that we get a fine weather next week on.

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