Saturday, 23 July 2011

Electrical and Plumbing almost done

Hey guys!

Sneaked into the house on Thursday nite while electrician was still hooking up the home network system.  It seems that we are now very close to finishing.  Some of the mirrors have gone in and basins has also gone in.  One thing to report is that Metricon was not able to install the full length mirror in our ensuite therefore we ended up having 2 piece together.  I think we gona have to tell them to take the extra side piece off as our mirror is bevelled edge so it actually highlight where the mirror joins together and does not look that good.  So I think we need to have a chat to SS regarding what we can do.

Work booked for next week
Windows gets service
Locks get fitted
House get cleaned out
Carpet goes in at end of the week

Here are some of the pics.  SO EXCITING!!!!

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  1. That's the freestanding bath we were 'supposed' to get! Nice choice all looks very grande :)