Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Electrical fit out started

Sneaked in to the house today to see work started for electrical fit out.  Painter still has not finished his work yet but I think he has finished the areas next to the light switches so painting will not delay fit off today.  We will see how the colour come out later. 

Here are the pics of the basin and electrical and light switches ready to be fitted

Last cabinets finished (back of the under sink bench)
Ensuite 1 - Mirror still hasn't gone in yet.

Ensuite 2
Ensuite 3
Our roof tiles on top of the outdoor room
External Wall Tiles on Front Portico Peirs  nearly done (taken from Balcony)

Matrix Cladding on the side of the house
Light and Power Switches

1 comment:

  1. Sam,

    I love the switches, very nice.

    BTW I haven't been able to comment on you blog because of problem with commenting. It might be beneficial to settings and changing the comments tab, then changing the comment form placement to pop-out. I've been able to do so with my new computer, but with the several olds ones I was never able to comment. Very strange.

    The build is going good. Fit outs only take a couple of weeks, then it's practical completion YEAH!