Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Painting almost done...

Got off the phone with SS.  Pantry door has been changed over.  We were very lucky that 820mm is a more common size so there was stock available.  Painter should finish by end of this week.  Tiler should also finish the external tiles to front of house this week.  Next Tuesday, the electrical, plumbing, air con fitting goes in and should finish the week after.  Carpet will go in after fitting after house is cleaned up. 

There was also discussion this week regarding the long mirror to main ensuite.  Apparently it is very hard to get the long mirror as per display in Melbourne Whittaker display (see below).  Originally, we had to consider 2 mirror that join up in the middle to get the length we needed.  SS was happy today to report that he did manage get the supplier to provide for us one piece of mirror that goes all the way which will be much thicker mirror than what was going in before.  The main problem now is getting that mirror upstairs into the ensuite.  SS is worry that they won't be able to get the mirror up through the L shape stairway so he will actually as the supplier to bring the 2 piece mirror together with deliver in case they cant get the long one in.  Fingers cross that they can get it in.
So all goes well, QA will do a walk through early August and we should see house handover around the guarantee built date,  possibly before. 

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